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Welcome to MathTutorMan.com!  My name is Adam Rachlin and this website explains my online math homework assistance service as well as my in person mathematics tutoring service.  Please explore my website and let me know if you have questions or how I can improve the website.  My contact information is displayed in the upper left menu bar.

Let me begin by stating I'm not part of any national tutoring service.  I am a full time professional individual who works at a technology company, and only tutors part time.  You can learn more about me by reviewing my background.  I've been involved in tutoring for many years, and do this because I have a passion for helping students understand mathematics and science in general.  If you decide to contact me for one-on-one tutoring, there is nevery any long or short term contracts with me; - it is always "pay as you go". 

 My experience has shown me most students can understand advanced mathematics if it is explained very well, and the solutions to various problems are provided in a clear step-by-step manner.  All my students have given me great positive feedback on my step-by-step solutions, and use these solutions to help them figure out similar homework problems and also study for exams and quizes.  Unfortunately, I've also learned there are many students and families, due to no fault of their own, that can not afford the expense of a professional tutor to visit their home or meet at a library for one or two hours a week.  In addition, I've also learned some students do not need to meet with a tutor for an hour or two, but just need help understanding one or two assignment problems.  These two issues lead me to create this website and provide an inexpensive internet/email based service allowing students to get help for just a single problem

The Homework Help Service - The homework help service is an email based service allowing a student who is having a  legitimate problem understanding or solving a particular math problem get help.  This help is provided by providing a detailed step-by-step solution to that problem.  See how the service works.