The Homework Help Service

The homework help service is designed to provide the student a complete step-by-step solution for a particular math problem.  The types of example solutions provided can be seen by clicking the example math solutions on the left menu bar.  The service is to be used only after the student has made legitimate efforts to solve the problem on their own.

The Cost - $9 per solution provided

How It Works - Please follow these step-by-step instructions

  1. Either copy the math problem directly from your text book or handout by scanning it into either a JPEG or PDF file using your printer.  If you don't have a printer that can scan, copy the problem by typing it into Microsoft Word or some text based editor.  Make sure the file is legible.
  2. Email me the problem as an attachment and explain what you can't understand about the problem.  In the subject are of the email state the type of problem.  Email it to the contact email shown at the top of the upper left menu.
  3. I will respond to you within a couple of hours.  I will tell you if I can read the problem, and if I can provide a solution.  If I can provide a solution, a special number will be sent in the return email.  You will need this number if you decide to purchase the solution.
  4. You use the secure PayPal button on this webpage to order the step-by-step solution.   Please enter your name and email (see example below).  This is so I can keep track of who ordered a problem.  When I receive confirmation, I will generate a step-by-step solution to your problem. It will then be emailed back to you either in PDF or JPEG format as an attachment.
  5. Important Note:  I reside in New Jerey where the solutions are generated (I do not outsource this service).  I will have your solution ready within 24 hours, usually by midnight East Coast time if I receive a confirmation by 5 PM the same day.
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