Adam Rachlin Background

I am an experienced professional and have a proven track record of successfully tutoring Math & Physics at both the high school and university level.  My education includes a BSEE, MSEE and MBA in finance.   Students say I have a natural ability of explaining mathematical and physics concepts in a very understandable way.  When I help students with understanding their homework or prepare for an exam, I clearly write out all steps to solving math & physics problems using either a laptop computer or TI-NSpire Graphics Calculator (used in most high school curriculums and now permitted on SAT, ACT, and AP exams) to help visualize mathematical concepts.  By clicking examples on the left side bar menu, you can see how I solve and provide math solutions.


**My goal is to not only teach the concepts to my students, but also eliminate any math anxiety or fear by instilling self confidence in understanding and solving problems.  These problem solving skills are essential for later success in their professional lives.


I have the following background & credentials:


  1. BS and MS Engineering Degrees plus an MBA in Finance (20+ years professional experience)
  2. Have worked for the following organizations:  Bellcore Applied Research, Hughes Network Systems, Tel-Instrument, and Spirent Communicaitons.
  3. Adjunct Engineering Professor on an as needed part-time basis in the Engineering Department of at a nationally recognized university. 
  4. Tutor students in Algebra, Physics, Statistics, Calculus and AP Calculus.
  5. Scored a five (5) on the Calculus AP exam when I took the exam back in high school.
  6. Have authored eight United States Patents to my credit in the area of microwave circuit technology.
  7. Scored 161 on the PRAXIS II Mathematical Content Knowledge (0061) Exam (created by Educational Testing Services in Princeton (same company as SATs), and now used by majority of US States to determine licensing and highly qualified mathematics teachers at the high school level under US Federal  "No Child Left Behind " Law.  This is the most difficult of all PRAXIS professional licensing exams.  NJ Dept. of Education Licensure & Credentails has mandated a passing score of 137 for this exam.  See both  ETS & NJ Dept. of Education websites for details of this exam and requirements.  (Read about the Praxis II Math Exam)   (State of New Jersey Licensing Board)


NOTE:  When choosing any math tutor, ask the individual if they have taken and passed this exam, and to provide the official ETS document certifying the exam and score.  Just as a doctor, lawyer, and CPA, must pass exams in their respective fields to ensure competency and achieve licensing, so to is this exam to ensure mathematical knowledge competency for teaching mathematics at the high school level.


  1. Taught classes both at the university level and at businesses for employee education and training.
  2. My wife is a math teacher in New Jersey, so I have an understanding of the New Jersey State math and curriculum requirements.

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